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yamin maung 

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value 

Sure success (Dr Syed & his team) really put all efforts to make us understand each topic for QE 1& NAC OSCE. He is very patient, & he make things easy to understand which is invaluable for IMG like myself. Due to his advice I attended both QE 1 & NAC OSCE classes before writing QE1 which made me see different perspectives of CDM portions of QE1. Thank you Dr Syed & his team for helping me pass QE1. 

Gurjot Minhas 

I took both the MCCQE1 and NAC OSCE course's from the center. I found them an integral part of my preparation, and they certainly set me up for success in these exams. I'm happy to say with the help of this center I was able to match into my first pick in this year's carms cycle for a spot in internal medicine at Western. As an IMG or any student preparing for one of these exams I'd highly recommend Suresuccess. I found the program easy to follow and integrate into my study plan due to the flexibility of attending classes online and in person. 


andrea sales 

Completed Step 1 USMLE review course. Great explanations given by Dr. Syed. Sat in on a few OSCE classes and they're very interactive with a live standardized patient and great feedback. Highly recommended for those who need a class setting to structure there learning before an exam 


Gamal El taj 

Just passed my MCCQE part 1. 

I have to acknowledge Sure success prep course was extremely helpful, the course is well constructed covering all important topics ,updated with the latest Canadian guidelines and recommendations . 

the interactive approach during sessions is very helpful specially for an exam where there is  alot of information to memorize. 

The instructors are very knowledgeable with lots of experience. 

bottom line for me it did make a difference . 


Dr. Maria  

Dr. Syed is brilliant teacher. His knowledge base is outstanding. Thanks to you and rest of the team at SureSucess Canada for helping me with MCQE2 preparation. 


Safa Elshaib 

Encouraging teachers and SPs who push you and help you to do your best. We get regular feedback from instructors as well as standardized patients and there is a good environment in the classroom to aid learning. Classes are days, evenings and weekend so I could still keep my Physician assistant job. I am more confident in my knowledge now. I am preparing for my MCCQE1 and I scored very high in my NAC Exam. 

Mehtab Badesha 

Dr. Syed and Sure Success team have been instrumental in helping me clear my MCCQE1 exam. 


Before joining any coaching for my exam, I did my own research and came across Sure Success. After reviewing/sampling other centers, I found Sure Success's interactive and face-to-face approach to be more compatible with my study style (Live online sessions also available for when I couldn't reach the class). I favor that style above the intensive 10-15 day teaching session approach that other centers offered, as I had more time to clear my concepts and learn by discussion with Dr. Syed. 


Dr. Syed and his team are always happy to answer any questions in discussions and his knowledge of the subjects is quite vast. He tailors his teaching to the different levels of experience that the students bring. 


It took me 4 months to complete the classes with weekday and weekend sessions and intensive classes close to the exam date. Dr. Syed is more than accommodating with different schedules of his students and focuses on making sure everyone understands the topics. 


I have already joined the NAC OSCE classes, which I also find to be helpful to practice in a group of peers and on standardized patient while receiving input and tutorials from experienced teachers. 


All this considered, I would recommend joining these courses to add-on to your self-study as preparing by yourself at home doesn't get you very far in the end. 


Hira Younus 

Very interactive classes where everyone has a chance to speak and ask questions. Sure Success has not only helped me to understand the clinical and exam material but also the professionalism and mannerisms expected of a physician in Canada and how to always put the patient needs and concerns first. I learned how to be more compassionate and receptive. 


I attended class online and was very happy with how interactive they were. Instructors asks questions and assigns tasks to everyone in the room and online. I never felt forgotten because I attended online. Dr Syed and his team are very knowledgeable. They encourage everyone to participate at any point in the lecture and take the time to answer questions. I got a good score in NAC OSCE exam 


Shaher Bano 


Before I came to SureSuccess Centre I had all the usual questions buzzing in my head – had I chosen the right course, was this the right institution for me? But as soon as I had completed the introduction to the course I knew I had made the right decision. From then on I never looked back. Dr. Syed teaching skills are very good I’ve enjoyed my time at SureSuccess Centre and I wish all the best to this institution. I got a good score in the NAC OSCE exam held in March 2019 because of the good instructors over here and nowadays I am attending the MCCQE1 course. 


Nirmala Joseph 


When I came to Canada I was totally lost about the next step I should take as an IMG. Then I  joined sure success. We had wonderful instructors who taught us every single thing from the basics, especially the guidelines followed in canada. We could ask them any questions and they used to answer us with patience. They taught us the theory, the practical part and focussed on each and every detail of our communication and body language.Most of the times they were willing to stay even after the class hours so that we could practice more. Dr Syed is an awesome teacher. He taught us exactly what is required. He knows all the practical aspects of every case and taught us what is expected from us. Our instructors were very patient and they put in all the efforts to bring out the best in us. They were very supportive. We also had standardised patients who were very cooperative. I got a wonderful group of friends from the centre. We studied and practised together which was the key. I got a good score in NAC OSCE. It would not have been possible without Dr Syed, all our instructors and my friends . Thank you very much sure 


Maryam Parsa-Nezhad 

Dr Syed is a very dedicated and compassionate teacher. His teaching methods for OSCE is 100% compatible with the North American standards and MCC requirements.  The "tips and tricks" he teaches us for the patient encounter and history taking prove to be useful not only for the exam but also in daily practice as a doctor. There were multiple times that I could successfully apply his methods in approaching "challenging patients" in real life and every time I got a lot of compliments from the doctors I was working with. I got a very good score in the NAC and all my efforts were very well paid off.  I'm very grateful that I found his classes and definitely recommend him for all LMCC exam preps! 


Aaron Roopnarine 


I attend the USMLE Step 1 prep classes and have found it extremely helpful for understanding the more difficult concepts and retaining high yield information.  Dr. Syed provides very cohesive explanations that simplify and tie together the vast amount of medical information required for board exams. 


Renuka Paul 


Best trainings for MCCQ1 and NAC OSCE and USMLE provided by highly knowledgeable and experienced doctor. 

Bushra Asghar  

I have been preapring for MCCEE with Sure Success. I had alot to catch up as I had a long break after studies. Classes are very supportive and understand the level at which i should be preparing and where I am right now. 

Glad i joined it. 


Manveen Sandhu 

I am taking classes at Sure Success for MCCEE and NAC OSCE and I found it to be an excellent institute for preparation of these exams . Classes are very interactive and impart complete knowledge of every subject.


Hayrapet Kalashyan 


I have failed the MCC exam twice in 2018 before I learned about SureSuccess Canada. I was able to join the class for 8.5 weeks and attended it up to the day before exam (Nov 9th/2018). The result became available two days ago and my score is improved by exactly 100 points compared to the previous two and I have passed it with far more spared points than needed. I am practicing Neurologist and only needed to pass the exam. 

During my previous attempts I was able to review/answer only 135 and 140 questions during the given time. In the last one, I was able to review and answer all 180 questions and still had 78 seconds left. 

SureSuccess Canada has greatly contributed in my success. Attending to SS Canada classes was the only difference compared to what I was doing before, of course, following the instructions and guidance of the class. And, as always, nothing can happen without hard work. 

Having the book in the shelf is not going to help us unless we read the content of it! Be patient. 

Thank you to all involved in this program and special thanks to Dr. Syed for his hard work to organize this very helpful source. 


If you read this, you are a big step closer to the Success! 




Rayn Logen 


Comprehensive and exam oriented teaching with good feedback and learning. 

Oksana Lavasova 


I was getting frustrated because I didn’t feel like I was doing enough studying on my own. No one tells you how hard it is when you go to medical school and practice in another country and then come to Canada. It feels like you need to start over but it is hard to know where. After talking to Dr. Syed I felt like I had a starting point and after taking a few classes I felt like I was on track again. I got extra practice on topics I already knew and I learned about how things are in Canada and what they expect from you in the exam. It was very helpful. I am grateful to Sure Success. 


Eun Jung Lee 

I think I was lucky to meet Sure Success for my MCCEE preparation. I was away from medical study for a long time and it was not easy to set myself to study in an efficiently organized way. During my course in Sure Success program, I learned a lot about the updated medical knowledge and clinical work. I took MCCEE recently and I was happy when I met questions we covered during the class. I can strongly recommend SureSuccess for the efficient and effective exam prep course. Thank you, Dr. Seyed for your all kind mindful care. 


Emytis Tavakoli 

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value 

Suresuccess helped me pass MCCQE1 in my first attempt, though I am an IMG and have been practicing as a specialist for a few years. With Suresuccsess I was able to review medicine and learn the latest Canadian guidelines. The strongest point about this institute, I would say, is that the instructors really cared about each and every student at an individual level. For instance, they would not pass a subject until having made sure everyone was comfortable about it. Moreover, personal coaching was provided as bonus. 



Dre Rahma Elmi Ayeh 

(Translated by Google) I was fortunate to attend this course, which was very helpful for me to take my EEMCC exam. 

I started in this course without really knowing English and really thanks to the ability and incredible ability to teach, to be able to pass the information of Dr. Sayed to help me pass this exam with a very good note. 

It is an in - depth, organized, structured course that meets all the expectations of the Canadian College of Physicians. 

It's a class where you're never going to lose yourself or be bored because every day he asks questions to everyone and the world to see if the information is passed, and then at the end of each chapter you'll have the tables of any last recommendations (guideline or protocol of Canada) short you will easily make the complete review of Toronto notes and learn it. 

In short, not knowing English was not a barrier for me because I did not feel like it was difficult to learn and finally my EEMCC exam I wrote it even in English without having taken another English course and I spent with a very good note. 

Dr. Rahma 

Quebec DHCEU 



J’ai eu la chance d’ assister à ce cours qui m’a été d’une très grande aide pour passer mon examen d’EEMCC. 

Je me suis lancée dans ce cours sans savoir vraiment l’anglais et vraiment grâce au habilité et capacité incroyable d’enseigner, de pouvoir passer l information de Dr Sayed m’ a aider à passer cette examen avec une très bonne note. 

C est un cours approfondi, organisé, structuré et répond à toute  les attente de l examen de     l’ ordre des médecins de Canada. 

C est un cours où tu ne vas jamais de te perdre ni t ennuyer parce que tout les jours il pose des questions à tout et le monde pour voir si l informations est passé, et puis à la fin de chaque chapitre vous aurez les tableaux des toute dernières recommandations (guideline ou protocole du Canada) bref vous allez faire facilement la révision complète  de Toronto notes et l’apprendre. 

Bref ne pas savoir l’ anglais n’as pas été une barrière pour moi parce que je n’ai pas ressenti comme difficulté  pour apprendre et enfin mon examen EEMCC j l’ai composé même en anglais sans avoir suivi un autre cours d’anglais et j ai passé avec une  très bonne note. 

Dr Rahma 

DHCEU de Québec 


Dr Kamin 

(Translated by Google) I am moved to have been part of the training program organized by SURESUCCESS in preparation for the ECOS or NACOSCE exam. The study framework is flexible for any IMG doctor wishing to refresh their skills necessary for the medical license exams required in this country. Although being IMG from different countries, this course was given in a comprehensive and easy to assimilate according to current recommendations while approaching an interactive participation. Starting from a system centered on the patient, I learned a good method of collecting information from the patient to obtain a complete anamnesis according to the different population groups, as well as an acceptable practical approach during the physical examination, and finally a logical management by putting the expectations and wishes of the sick person in the foreground. The theoretical and practical part of this program included up-to-date information or uptodate while insisting on the justification of any probable and differential diagnosis, paraclinical examination as well as therapeutic management, useful elements to answer the questions of the examiner in the post meeting of the ECOS exam 

. Many thanks to SURESUCCESS 



Je suis émue d'avoir fait partie du programme de formation organisé par SURESUCCESS dans la préparation de l'examen de ECOS ou NACOSCE. Le cadre d’étude est flexible pour tout médecin IMG désirant rafraîchir ses compétences nécessaires pour les examens de licence médicale exigés dans ce pays. Bien que étant IMG venus de différents pays, ce cours a été dispensé de manière compréhensive et facile à assimiler selon les recommandations actuelles tout en approchant une participation interactive . Partant d'une systématisation centrée sur le patient, j'ai appris une bonne méthode de recueillir les informations du malade pour obtenir une anamnèse complète selon les différents groupes de population, ainsi qu'une approche pratique acceptable lors de l'examen physique, et enfin une prise en charge logique en mettant les attentes et les souhaits de la personne malade au premier plan. La partie théorique et pratique de ce programme comprenaient des informations à   jour ou uptodate tout en insistant sur la justification de tout diagnostic probable et différentiel, examen paraclinique ainsi que la prise en charge thérapeutique, éléments utiles pour répondre aux questions de l'examinateur dans le post rencontre de l'examen ECOS 

. Merci beaucoup à SURESUCCESS 

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