MCCQE1 Test Components: 

MCCQE stands for Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination. MCCQE1 is a computer-based, one-day test that has 210 multiple-choice questions. 


MCCQE part 1 test takers will have up to 4 hours to finish the test in the morning. In the afternoon they are given a maximum of 3 ½ hours session to sit for the Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) part of the test. The afternoon part contains roughly 38 cases in which they have to write short answers.

The MCCQE1 exam assesses candidates’ basic medical knowledge in the following disciplines of medicine:

  1. Adult Health

  2. Child Health (Pediatrics)

  3. Psychiatry

  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology

  5. Population, Health, Legal, Ethical, and Organizational (PHLEO)

  6. Family Medicine

  7. Surgery

  8. Clinical Decision Making

How we help you prepare for MCCQE 1:

Prospective students are invited to attend two MCCQE 1 classes – free of charge!

***We offer the MCCQE1 preparation course in English. We also offer MCCQE 1 in French / Nous offrons le cours de préparation MCCQE1 dans français***

We cover a variety of topics including internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, population health, ethics, preventive medicine, basic physiopathology and management of the diseases. 

MCCQE 1 Lecture Highlights

In-person and ZOOM live-streamed online classes

Cutting-edge software and technology including studio mics to ensure voice clarity during lectures

Breakout sessions that allow for individual attention 

Clinical Decision Making (CDM) class component

Mock exam sessions and test-taking strategies

MCCQE-1 Course Structure

10 weeks with 4 classes per week (each class is 3 hours), or 

16 weeks with 2 classes per week (each class is 3 hours)


No prior study is required. We will help you understand, retain, and practically apply your knowledge so that you are prepared for the MCCQE1 exam. 

Flexible interest-free payment options available. Call us at 1-888-341-9392 for more information

Join at any time!

Choose your own pace

Classes are offered all year round 

Attend two observation classes – free of charge!



Just passed my MCCQE part 1.
I have to acknowledge Sure success prep course was extremely helpful, the course is well constructed covering all important topics ,updated with the latest Canadian guidelines and recommendations .
the interactive approach during sessions is very helpful specially for an exam where there is alot of information to memorize.
The instructors are very knowledgeable with lots of experience.
bottom line for me it did make a difference

—  Dr. Gamal

I think I was lucky to meet Sure Success for my MCCEE preparation. I was away from medical study for a long time and it was not easy to set myself to study in an efficiently organized way. During my course in Sure Success program, I learned a lot about the updated medical knowledge and clinical work. I took MCCEE recently and I was happy when I met questions we covered during the class. I can strongly recommend SureSuccess for the efficient and effective exam prep course. Thank you, Dr. Seyed for your all kind mindful care.

—  Dr. Eun Jung Lee

I have been preparing for MCCEE with Sure Success. I had a lot to catch up as I had a long break after studies. Classes are very supportive and understand the level at which I should be preparing and where I am right now.
Glad i joined it.

—  Bushra Asghar

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