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Test Components: 

The NAC-OSCE exam assesses the capabilities of an IMG for entrance into a Canadian residency program. It is a national, standardized examination that tests the candidate’s attitudes, communication skills, and clinical knowledge and skills, assessing their readiness to enter into to a residency program and pursue their postgraduate training in Canada. 

  • 1-day exam that comprises of a series of stations presenting typical clinical scenarios related to medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, psychiatry and surgery

How we help you prepare:

Prospective students are invited to attend two classes – free of charge!

We create an environment that is as close to the real exam setting as possible including experienced, high-scoring SPs, examination tables, necessary tools, x-ray images, instructor evaluations and more. We work with you to enhance your skills in multiple areas such as communication, organization, history taking, data interpretation, language fluency, physical examinations, investigations, diagnosis and treatment plan and management. 

We also focus on body language, physician approach, effective communication with patients, physical examinations, timing and sequencing of history. We assist to prepare script and practice high yield clinical scenarios. We also hold focused strategy sessions and frequent mock examination sessions in small groups (6-8 physicians per group).


All coursework is taught by practicing physicians & residents


OPTION 1:  Tutorials + Mock Test (Group) 8 Weeks, 25 Sessions


OPTION 2:  Mock Test (Individual)
1 Day, 10 Cases


OPTION 3: Crash Course | Tutorial + Mock Test (Group) 5 Days, 23rd – 27th Jan // 26th Feb – 1st March


Lecture Highlights

Very interactive, patient-focused learning environment - whether you attend online or in-person

Cutting-edge software and technology including studio mics to ensure voice clarity during lectures

All materials are in accordance with the most up-to-date Canadian guidelines

Practical hands-on experience through a Standardized Patient (SP) class component

Mock exam sessions and post-encounter questions preparation 

Course Structure

10 weeks with 4 classes per week (each class is 3 hours), or 

16 weeks with 2 classes per week (each class is 3 hours)


No prior study is required. We will help you understand, retain, and practically apply your knowledge so that you are prepared for the MCCQE-1 exam. 

Flexible payment options available. Call us at 1-888-341-9392 for more information



—  Manveen Sindu 

—  Hira Younus

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